Already Forgiven


David W. Torrance, "Already Forgiven," in Trinitarian Conversations, vol. 2 (Pasadena, California: Grace Communion International; iBook Store, 2015); #2015-DWT-5


Torrance, David W. "Already Forgiven." In Trinitarian Conversations, vol. 2. You're Included, 108. Pasadena, California: Grace Communion International; iBook Store, 2015; #2015-DWT-5

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Already Forgiven

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Trinitarian Conversations

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Transcript of the You're Included audio and video recording. Volume title: "Interviews With Twenty Theologians." Conversation with David Torrance. Hosted by J. Michael Feazell. Sponsored by Grace Communion International and Grace Communion Seminary. Ebook from the iBook Store. Reprinted in #2018-MM-1.


Rev. David Torrance talks about how to approach our sin, personally and in the pulpit.

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