Tutorial 6: Participatio

Participatio, & taxonomies revisited

1. Original Publication

Original Publication linkIf you're picking up from where the previous tutorial left off, you are on record #2016-GWD-1 in the Studies bibliography, a chapter by Gary Deddo in the book Trinity and Transformation (click the link to resume the tutorial at this point).

From this chapter record, click on the Original Publication # and see where it goes.

2. Journal Article

Journal Article reference typeWhat's different about this new page compared to the Trinity and Transformation chapter page you came from?

  • Hint: look at the Reference Type and the Abstract fields. This is a Journal Article record, an article from Participatio, not a chapter from a book.
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Downloads footer area

  • Look for the Downloads footer on the page, near the bottom, just above the black footer. Whatever different file formats may be available are indicated on the left (e.g., PDF, image, audio, video, doc, presentation, spreadsheet, etc.). Beneath the "Downloads" heading there is a link to open a PDF of this article.
    • Development note: The Download footer supports more robust features for hosting various kinds of resources than the right sidebar. Sidebar links will be used for externally-hosted resources, offered on other websites, while the Downloads footer will be used for resources hosted on this website.

Click in the right sidebar on the link for "Participatio contents page."

3. Participatio Table of Contents

Participatio tabYou should find yourself now on the table of contents page for the particular issue of Participatio that contained this journal article.

Is the Participatio tab highlighted?
The highlight indicates that you are no longer in the Studies bibliography but in the Participatio section of the website.

Survey the layout of this Participatio contents page.

Participatio Table of Contents

Participatio Table of Contents. Explanation area.

Is there an explanation here of the differences between the journal issue and the later book?

At the bottom of the page is a list of people. Click "Deddo, Gary W." to see a taxonomy page for Gary.

4. All Souls Taxonomy page

All Souls Taxonomy page

Do you see the "GWD" link to the Member Profile for Gary that we have visited before?
Remember: You must be logged-in to view Member Profiles.

Return to the Participatio contents page either by finding it in the list or by using the back button in your browser.

5. Book Navigation: Previous, Up, Next

Near the bottom of the Participatio contents page is an "Up" link. The links on either side go to similar tables of contents for previous and subsequent issues of Participatio. Click "Up" to go to the Participatio main landing page.

Book navigation: Previous, Up, Next

6. Participatio Main Page

Survey the layout of the Participatio main landing page. This page links to every issue. It is directly accessed at any time using the Participatio tab in the main navigation bar.

Participatio main landing page