Memoranda on Orthodox/Reformed Relations


Thomas F. Torrance, "Memoranda on Orthodox/Reformed Relations," in Theological Dialogue between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, ed. Thomas F. Torrance (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1985), vol. 1, 3-18; #1985-459c


Torrance, Thomas F. "Memoranda on Orthodox/Reformed Relations." In Theological Dialogue Between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, vol. 1, 3-18. Edited by Thomas F. Torrance. 2 vols. Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1985; #1985-459c

Publication life cycle / General notes

Chapter 1 in 1985-453. Volume 1 published 1985, vol. 2 in 1993.

Revision status

McGrath and Iain Torrance both notate this item (1980-379) as "Memoranda A & B," with No. 1 on pp. 197-205 and No. 2 on pp. 337-345. The pp. 337-345 appears to be a line transcription error, transposing the pages for the article by the same title from the previous year in The Reformed World (#1979-361). Nor are the two memoranda here titled A or B.


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