The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ


Thomas A. Noble, The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, vol. 1 of Christian Theology, 3 vols. (The Foundry Publishing, 2022)


Noble, Thomas A. The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Vol. 1 of Christian Theology, 3 vols. The Foundry Publishing, 2022


The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the first volume of a three-volume systematics, Christian Theology. The volume is in three parts. 

Part 1, Faith and History, introduces Christian Theology, explaining why it begins with Christ. It also reviews what is known about Jesus historically and the faith in which he was brought up--the faith in the God of Israel. This part concludes with an examination of the resurrection of Jesus. 

Part 2, Christology: The Doctrine of the Person of Christ, begins with theology as 'faith seeking understanding'. It is faith in the Gospel that the crucified Christ is risen from the dead, and this faith in turn issues in the confession that Jesus Christ is 'Lord'. From here, part 2 traces the logic of the Church's development of Christology, the doctrine of the Person of Christ, from Scripture and, specifically, from the apostolic Gospel. 

Part 3, Soteriology: The Doctrine of the Work of Christ, investigates the 'Grace' of God seen in the doctrine of the Atonement as an aspect of Christology. 

Throughout the entire volume, Biblical, Historical, and Systematic Theology are integrated, drawing on major historical works of Theology and on contemporary scholarship.