Theology in Scotland

Journal notes

There is a serious, unresolved discrepancy between print and online citations for the Theology in Scotland volume XVI journal issue. The Theology in Scotland website indicates that this volume was published in 2009. But the print copy indicates "Copyright St. Mary's College, 2011" on the verso of the title page. We contacted the Theology in Scotland webmasters about the discrepancy and they do not see a problem — so scholars will cite these articles as published in 2009 if they use the online version, and as published in 2011 if they are using a print copy! Yet some of the essays were not written until after 2009!

  • The Theology in Scotland website indicates that volume XVI was published in 2009.
  • The print copy of vol. XVI has no date on the front or back cover, nor on the title page, but indicates "Copyright St. Mary's College, 2011" on the verso of the title page. 
  • Consider the editorial that begins the volume. The first page of this editorial indicates that the issue includes papers given at two conferences: one in 2008, and one in 2010. Obviously, if the volume were published in 2009, it would not have included the papers from the 2010 conference. Nor could this particular editorial have been written in 2009, before the conference of 2010. Therefore the 2011 date found on the printed copy is more authoritative than the 2009 date found online on the repository.
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