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Thomas F. Torrance

  • T. F. Torrance Quick Start with Book List
    What should I read first? + Chronological list of major books (excluding articles) with direct links to the bibliography
  • Thomas F. Torrance Life and Achievement
    Who was T. F. Torrance and why does he matter? 
    This biographical essay introduces Thomas Forsyth Torrance. It is the first chapter of Elmer Colyer, How to Read T. F. Torrance: Understanding His Trinitarian & Scientific Theology (Downer’s Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2001); 2001-EC-1. All rights reserved; used by permission of InterVarsity Press.
  • Thomas F. Torrance Reader’s Guide
    Where can I find Torrance's writing about... ? 
    This bibliographical essay by Elmer Colyer is a reader's guide to the publications of Thomas F. Torrance. The essay covers both primary and secondary literature in relation to all of the main themes of Torrance's theology and also his life. Since Torrance's publications include more than 1,000 items, this essay is introductory and adressed primarily to those just beginning to read the works of Thomas F. Torrance.  It is reproduced with the kind permission of Participatio: The Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship. It originally appeared in Supplement 1 (2011): 38-63; #2011-EC-1 (pdf). This online version is cross-referenced by means of McGrath numbers with the Sources bibliography. Its major sections, or "Colyer Categories," also support cross-references between the Sources bibliography and Member Profiles.  
  • Sources Bibliography Quick Start
    Explanation of how the bibliographies work, the McGrath numbers, etc.

James B. Torrance

David B. Torrance

  • David W. Torrance Quick Start:
    • "Not My Will, But Yours"; #2011-DWT-4. (How God led him into ministry; You're Included video.)
  • The Reluctant Minister, #2015-DWT-2.

Torrance Family

  • Torrance family Quick Start:  

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