T. F. Torrance Fellowship 2021 Annual Meeting

November 6 and 19, 2021

Keynote 2021

Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship Annual Meeting and Lecture at the American Academy of Religion, 2021

Stephen R. Holmes, Principal of St Mary’s College, Head of School of Divinity, University of St Andrews, will deliver our annual lecture: "Simplicity in Fourth-century Nicene Theology and T. F. Torrance’s Homoousion"

Abstract: In T.F. Torrance’s trinitarian theology, the homoousion plays the role that the doctrine of divine simplicity played for the pro-Nicene theologians in the fourth century. This lecture will demonstrate that point, and then consider the historical and systematic implications of it. It is arguable that Torrance offers us a way to preserve trinitarian orthodoxy without the need to invoke the troublesome concept of simplicity, which would be a significant gain; it is also arguable that even in Torrance’s deployment, the homoousion is too capacious of doctrines the Fathers would have regarded as tritheistic.

Stephen R. Holmes is an ordained Baptist minister who has taught theology at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, for the past sixteen years. He is presently Head of the School of Divinity there, and Principal of St Mary’s, the ancient theological college of the University. His research has focused on the doctrine of God, on soteriology, and on early modern Puritan and Baptist traditions. His publications include The Quest for the Trinity: Perspectives from the Bible, History, and Modernity (IVP, 2012). 

Saturday, November 6 — join us for the live recording.
Access the Zoom info by logging into this website: 

  • Business meeting at noon Central Daylight Time US (5pm UK)
  • Lecture at 1pm Central Daylight Time US (6pm UK).
  • Q&A after the lecture moderated by Myk Habets.

Friday, November 19 AAR program: Friday, 1:00 PM-3:00 PM (Virtual). Replay as part of the American Academy of Religion program for Related Scholarly Organizations. Access from the AAR website or from the link below (which will be added after Nov 6).

Notice: An earlier 2021 TFT Fellowship Business Meeting was held Friday afternoon, July 30, 4:00-4:45 pm. Membership voted on a proposed amendment to the T.F. Torrance Fellowship Bylaws, which passed. Additional matters will be taken up at the Business Meeting on Nov 6.

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