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The T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship sponsors two bibliographies, one of Torrance Sources and the other of Torrance Studies. They are research tools to promote scholarship related to the Torrance tradition. 

Sources (all records)
This Sources bibliography includes all known publications of Thomas F. Torrance, James B. Torrance, and David W. Torrance (more than 1,500 references at present), with the ongoing goal of direct independent verification of each reference.

Studies (all records)
This Studies bibliography includes academic secondary sources relevant to the Fellowship's Mission. It includes book reviews and items of any format, including audio and video. Notices of forthcoming works and newly published works are welcomed. This bibliography represents the collective effort of members and officers of the Fellowship. NOTICE: Would you like to volunteer as the Studies bibliographer? Let us know!

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      To alert others to your relevant publications, let us know when you have a Torrance-related publication. Items will be listed in the Studies bibliography, the Members Publications list, and the Relevant Publications section of your Member Profile.  
  • Book Reviews (and other genre types)
    • Reviews are listed in the regular bibliographies, and also appended to bibliography records of the books under review.  Please alert us by email to any published review or substantial online discussion of any item in the Sources or Studies bibliography.

Combined Studies and Sources bibliography (all records)

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    Formats include pdfs, audio and video, and others. Display options include items available: online (free or for purchase); for direct free downloading from this website; or by TFT, JBT, DWT, or combined.
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