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Participatio: Journal of the T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship (open access).

Forthcoming dissertations and theses • Graduate Study • Student Membership

Course syllabi

T. F. and J. B. Torrance Oral History Project

All Souls index

  • A simple list of every person identified as an author, editor, translator, or some other contributing role on the website. Click any name to see the associated pages.




Conferences page:
International and regional events, public member presentations

Reading Group


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Profile Directories 

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Members | mENTOrs | Combined

Member Directory

  • The Fellowship maintains a Member Directory accessible only to members.  Member profiles include brief professional introductions, institutional and denominational affiliations, regional locations, and research interests, cross-referenced with Member Publications. (Help: Member Directory)

Mentors Directory

Combined (Members + Mentors)

  • Profiles of select persons based on publicly available sources. Profiles will note personal relations and roles, including mentors, students, family, institutional and denominational affiliations, etc., cross-referenced with the bibliographies and other pages.


External Torrance-related resources

Although not sponsored by the TFT Fellowship, these are also some helpful resources:


Special announcement: Regent Audio Torrance sale

50% off through May 31! Regent Audio has an extensive catalog of Torrance-related audios, including recordings by Thomas and James Torrance, and events such as the conference Discovering the Incarnate Saviour of the World. From now through May 31, use the code TORRANCESALE for 50% off of all mp3 download products by the Torrances (and James Houston) in the Regent Audio collection. This code is offered as a courtesy to members of the T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship and participants in the Torrance Reading Group.