Interim Report of the Special Commission on Baptism

Gray 1976: "A series of brochures prepared in the name of the Commission by T. F. Torrance (convener) and published annually, May 1955-May 1962 inclusive. For private circulation only."

Gray's comment "for private circulation only" seems to be incomplete. Another ambiguity in the literature is whether they were published by Blackwood & Sons or by Saint Andrew Press. These questions may be clarified by reference to the two copies of #1961-172 and #1958-126 held in the University of Oklahoma History of Science Collections: one was left unbound for private circulation and the other was bound in paper wrappers for public distribution. Copies similar to the former are likely cited "Blackwood & Sons" and copies similar to the latter might be cited "Saint Andrew Press."

  1. A set of copies of these reports donated by the Walker and Torrance families were extracted from Church of Scotland annual reports and housed in a loose blue binder (as shown on the records, right margin). We infer the not-for-sale Blackwood & Sons copies were for delegates only.
  2. A second copy of each of these two titles, with identical contents and typesetting, is bound in a green paper wrapper stamped "Edinburgh: The Saint Andrew Press" (also shown in the right margin on #1961-172 and #1958-126). The verso indicates one was sold for "Two Shillings" and the other was sold for "Two Shillings and Sixpence Net." We infer the Saint Andrew Press wrapped copies were for general distribution.
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