Christ and Christian education

Event Location

Firbush Retreat Centre, University of Edinburgh, Loch Tay (east of Killin)

Hold the date: Firbush Torrance Retreat November 6-8, 2024

Dear All,

Christ and Christian education is the topic for 2024 as it became clear at the 2023 Retreat that this is a vital topic for the church. She cannot  preach Christ in an age of rampant individualism and no knowledge of the bible. Not only must the church have a clear understanding of Christ in his person and work and an effective programme of biblical education but live out the faith in loving diaconal outreach to society. 

The heart of the church’s faith must also be a thorough Trinitarianism. Knowing that Father, Son and Spirit are all equally involved in every action of God has a deepening, enriching and personalising effect on our knowledge of God. It becomes the absolute ground of faith.

Once the new line of speakers have been assembled there will be a much fuller email with the programme.

Best wishes to all,


Speakers, Organizers
Firbush Retreat Nov 6-8, 2024