T. F. Torrance Reading Group

The T. F. Torrance Reading Group meets via Zoom every Thursday, at 1 pm Pacific. All times below are US Pacific time (convert to your time using this World Clock). Topics are announced at Facebook. It is organized by Marty Folsom and Myk Habets. Discussions are led by Marty unless noted otherwise. Access the meeting by joining the Facebook group. Or log in with a member account here, and a Zoom link will appear in the left sidebar. 

Twitter hashtag: #TFTReadingGroup

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Archived meetings

Summer 2021

  • June 3, 2021 (First Thursday, primary source): 
    • Thomas F. Torrance, "The Mediation of Christ in our Human Response," ch. 4 of The Mediation of Christ#1983-418d. Audio lecture available: #1981-tft-5d.
      • Book info: #1992-542. Do not purchase the original edition (#1983-418), for an additional chapter was added to the 1992 edition. Make sure that the copy you acquire has all five chapters.
    • Discussion with Todd Norquist: Video.
  • June 10, 2021: Joey Sherrard, to discuss his book:
    • Joseph H. Sherrard, T. F. Torrance as Missional Theologian: The Ascended Christ and the Ministry of the Church (Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP Academic, 2021); #2021-JHS-1.
  • June 17, 2021 (Third Thursday, published author):
    • Adam Nigh, tba.
  • June 24, 2021 (Fourth Thursday, work-in-progress):
    • TBA
  • July 1, 2021 (First Thursday, primary source): 
    • Thomas F. Torrance, "The Atonement and the Holy Trinity," ch. 5 of The Mediation of Christ#1992-542a. No audio lecture available. Book info: #1992-542. Do not purchase the original edition (#1983-418), for this chapter was added to the 1992 edition.
    • Discussion with Ken Roxburgh.
  • July 8, 2021 (Second Thursday, Participatio author): 
    • Todd Speidell and Chris Kettler. Todd and Chris both were students of T. F. Torrance, J. B. Torrance, Ray S. Anderson, and Geoffrey W. Bromiley. In this discussion, they will share their experiences with these mentors.
  • July 15, 2021 (Third Thursday, published author):
    • Andrew Torrance, science and theology (tba)
  • July 22, 2021 (Fourth Thursday, work-in-progress):
    • TBA
  • July 29, 2021 (Fifth Thursday, guest):
    • Robert R. Redman, Jr., "Reformulating Reformed Theology." 
    • Cf. Thomas F. Torrance, "Hugh Ross Mackintosh: Theologian of the Cross," Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 5 (1987): 160-73; #1987-485.
  • July 30 - Aug 1:
  • August 5, 2021 (First Thursday, primary source):
    • Thomas F. Torrance, The Trinitarian Faith (#1988-489), Foreword (#1988-489a) and ch. 1, "Faith and Godliness" (#1988-489b).
    • Discussion with: Geordie Ziegler.
  • August 12, 2021 (Second Thursday, Participatio author): 
    • C.S. Lewis discussion
  • August 19, 2021 (Third Thursday, published author):
    • Benjamin Myers, “The Stratification of Knowledge in the Thought of T. F. Torrance,” Scottish Journal of Theology 61, no. 1 (2008): 1-15; #2008-BM-1.
  • August 26, 2021 (Fourth Thursday, work-in-progress):
    • tba

Fall 2021

  • Sept 24-26: Firbush Virtual Retreat
  • September 16: Ross Hastings, chs. 4-5 of Echoes of Coinherence: Trinitarian Theology and Science Together (#2017-WRH-1); and excerpts from God and Molecules, a work in progress.
  • September 30: Douglas Campbell, chapter tbd from Pauline Dogmatics: The Triumph of God's Love (Eerdmans, 2020), in relation to T. F. Torrance, Space, Time and Resurrection (#1976-331).
  • Nov 19: Annual meeting.
  • December 23, 2021: Stavan John, "Torrance and Indian Theology on the Ascension."