Theological Science


Thomas F. Torrance, Theological Science (London, New York: Oxford University Press, 1969); #1969-263


Torrance, Thomas F. Theological Science. London, New York: Oxford University Press, 1969; #1969-263

Publication life cycle / General notes
  • First edition.
  • The #1978-352 edition is a Galaxy paperback.
  • The 1996 edition (#1996-599) contains a "Preface to the New Edition," pp. xix-xx.  As a result, the Table of Contents was shifted to pp. xxi-xxii.  Otherwise pagination unchanged. 

"Based on the Hewett lectures for 1959" on "The Nature of Theology and Scientific Method," delivered at Union Theological Seminary, New York, at Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Center, and at the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dedicated to "Sir Bernard Lovell in Friendship and Admiration."

Preface to God and Rationality, p. ix: "...this book is designed to accompany Theological Science and Space, Time and Incarnation..."


Preface, vii-xviii. (#1969-263a)
Table of Contents, xix-xx.
1: The Knowledge of God, 1. (#1969-263b)
2: The Interaction of Theology with Scientific Development, 55. (#1969-263c)
3: The Nature of Scientific Activity, 106. (#1969-263d)
4: The Nature of Truth, 141. (#1969-263e)
5: Problems of Logic, 203. (#1969-263f)
6: Theological Science Among the Special Sciences, 281. (#1969-263g)
Index, 353.


"This is a book about the philosophy of the science of God..." (Preface, p. viii.)

"Scientific knowledge is that in which we bring the inherent rationality of things to light and expression, as we let the realities we investigate disclose themselves to us under our questioning and we on our part submit our minds to their intrinsic connections and order." (Preface, p. xi.)

"This volume is dedicated to Bernard Lovell, as he was then, who put to me the initial questions as to scientific method in theology which led me to examine more carefully the nature of the theology as a science, and to select this theme for the Hewett Lectures." (Preface, p. xviii.)