Members of the T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship:  Please send us a title or description of your Torrance-related course, along with its syllabus. We will post it here along with a link to your teaching or professional website. The Fellowship aims to collect Member syllabi which utilize works of the Torrance brothers in any significant way, not necessarily about the Torrances per se, from a variety of courses, institutions, and instructional levels.  It is our hope that the courses listed here illustrate diverse ways that Torrance’s work may be taught in various subject areas, and prompt creative thinking by anyone planning their own courses.

Title Instructor Institution
Syllabus: TH508 Christology of T.F. Torrance

This course surveys the Christological thought of theologian Thomas F. Torrance with a focus on the person, life and work of Jesus Christ. Consideration will also be given to the topics of the church and eschatology (the last things), as explicated in his two-volume series of edited lectures on Christology originally delivered to students at New College, University of Edinburgh.

Course website, Syllabus (PDF)
Deddo, Gary W. Grace Communion Seminary
Syllabus: Resurrection, Reality and the Re-Shaping of Theology

The aim of this course is to explore the ways in which the New Testament’s testimony to the raising of the crucified Jesus from the dead carries with it the power to re-configure our conception of reality (divine and created) and what is to count as “reality”, and with that our modes of knowing, our language, and our patterns of life.... Special attention will be paid to the thought of T. F. Torrance and N. T. Wright.

Course syllabus (PDF)
Begbie, Jeremy Duke Divinity School
TH504 Trinitarian Perspectives on Faith and Science

The early church developed the doctrine of creation through sustained theological reflection on the Incarnation. This course explores what it might mean today to ground our thinking about science, nature, and creation in the foundational theological perspectives of the Incarnation, Resurrection, and Trinity. This course surveys some of the conflict points for science and religion frequently encountered in modern culture, reassessing them in light of the theological perspectives of the Trinitarian theology of Thomas F. Torrance, and incorporating insights from the writings of C. S. Lewis.

Course overview and materials.

Course materials, Introductory lecture
Magruder, Kerry Grace Communion Seminary