Volunteer opportunities

Want to volunteer to support the Fellowship? There are many opportunities! Here are a few...

  • Fellowship Profiles and Member-relations
    • Enhance and update member profiles: Each Member Profile includes a professional introduction, institutional and denominational affiliations, regional locations and research interests, cross-referenced with Member Publications. (Profiles require log-in to access.)
    • Enhance non-member profiles: Each non-member profile includes biographical data based on publicly available sources. Profiles note relations and roles, including mentors, students, family, institutional and denominational affiliations, etc., cross-referenced with the bibliographies and other pages. (Profiles require log-in to access.)
    • Student/Faculty liaison: Enhance student networking, postings of institutional programs, and the directory for graduate study.
  • Participatio
    • Copy-editing assistance to the editors is sorely needed and always appreciated! See "Copy Editor Quick Start."
    • Production assistance with managing the editorial workflow using the website back-end would be greatly appreciated. The production queue is the bottleneck. With more help, more issues could be published!
  • Website, general
    • Know Drupal? We welcome collaboration to develop and maintain the website as a project in the digital humanities. Our mission with the resources and website is to create a hub for an academic community that stimulates and sustains multi-disciplinary research carried on by geographically-dispersed scholars in a Torrancean vision.
  • Bibliographies
    • Sources bibliography: bibliographies need verification and proofing! The data is verified by direct inspection, not merely reports in the bibliographies of other studies. This is particularly true for the Sources bibliography, which is based upon direct verification rather than hearsay.
    • Studies bibliography: Let's make the Studies bibliography the go-to reference for the best Torrance scholarship in print and digital formats. We can teach you how to scan bibliographical databases and follow select authors. We will also train you in creating records using the Drupal backend of the website.
    • There are a surprising number of ways members can help with the bibliographies, ranging from submitting publications from the current literature as they appear, to creating records retroactively for the Studies bibliography so that it becomes a cumulative reference tool, to enhancing existing records with additional info, to proofing, verification, and bibliographic detective work.
  • Oral History Project 
    • Transcribing recordings is a pressing need. We provide training. A small software and hardware investment is required (will be donated if you are a student). Start off by volunteering as an initial transcriber, as described in Phase II of the project manual. After gaining some experience, then consider volunteering to be an editor of a particular oral history. Finally, if you wish, after training in oral history interviewing techniques and ethics (provided), you may volunteer to conduct interviews.
    • Marty Folsom's Reading Group 
      • Maintaining the calendar pages of past and future topics
      • Recording and editing the weekly sessions
      • Uploading the videos to youTube or Vimeo
      • Linking bibliography records to the videos

    Contact us to let us know what you're interested in. We would love to hear from you!