Incarnation – The Vicarious Humanity of Christ


James B. Torrance, "Incarnation – The Vicarious Humanity of Christ," Abba Salama: A Review of the Association of Ethio-Hellenic Studies 10 (1979): 81-89; #1979-JBT-2


Torrance, James B. "Incarnation – The Vicarious Humanity of Christ." Abba Salama: A Review of the Association of Ethio-Hellenic Studies 10 (1979): 81-89; #1979-JBT-2

Publication life cycle / General notes

Journal edited by Methodios Fouyas, Metropolitan of Aksum. Communications to the editor to be addressed to: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Title page in English and Greek. Editorial Board includes Thomas F. Torrance as "President of the International Academy of Religious Sciences, Edinburgh."

The papers published in this volume were reprinted in The Incarnation, ed. Thomas F. Torrance (#1981-386). That 1981 preface states: "The various essays that make up this volume were first read as papers at sessions of the Académie Internationale des Sciences Religieuses during its meeting in Norwich from March 29 to April 2, 1978.... [with one exception the] chapters were originally published as Proceedings of the Academy by Archbishop Methodios of Aksum (as he then was) in Abba Salama, Vol. X, Athens, 1979, pp. 5-156."

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