Tutorial 4: Studies

Studies Bibliography 

If you're picking up from where the previous tutorial left off, you are now on a page in the Studies bibliography for a chapter in Trinity and Transformation. If you're starting fresh, click this link, which is the McGrath# for the chapter: #2016-GWD-1

1. Survey the bibliographic record layout:

  • The left side-bar contains basic data about this item.
  • The Main Content area offers descriptive fields and comments.
  • The right side-bar links take you elsewhere.

2. Survey the Left side-bar:

Bibliography record, left side-bar

  • Do you see the McGrath#? Every record is assigned a Publication ID# called its "McGrath number." 
  • What is the Reference Type for this record?
  • Find the Bibliographies field. This record is tagged as both a Studies and a Member record, and so is listed in both of those bibliographies.
  • The Genre Type field indicates it is a reprint or revision.

3. Survey the Main Content area:

Bibliography record, main

  • Footnote and bibliographic citations may be copied and pasted from this record.
  • The Publication Life Cycle/Notes field explains where it was originally published.

4. Survey the links in the right side-bar :

Bibliography record, right side-bar

  • Try the links in the right margin for Amazon, LibraryThing, and WorldCat; then use the back button in your browser to return to this Trinity and Transformation chapter record.
    • Tip: Which of those links may disclose whether the item is held in a library near you?
  • If logged in (members only), an email link appears in the left sidebar to submit feedback, corrections, provide additional info or ask a question, etc. These comments are submitted to the webmasters who will edit the page accordingly.

5. McGrath# fields and Trackback links

  • McGrath# fields: Some fields are noted by their McGrath #'s in the right margin. Depending on the record, the following fields may be present (only the fields with entered data actually appear):
    • Contained By
    • Contains
    • Related Studies
    • Related Sources
    • Original Publication
  • Trackback links: Compare the right sidebar McGrath# fields just mentioned with the "Trackback" links in the footer at the bottom of the page:

Trackback links

The sidebar McGrath# links are outgoing links, manually entered on the current record. In contrast, the Trackback links are automatically generated, displaying all of the records that link back to this one. Items may be duplicated in both the sidebar and the trackback footer, but by scanning both you might discover related works of interest.

6. Click on the # under Contained By (2016-JBT-1; in the right sidebar, cf. red arrow in the screenshot above). This will take you to the record for the Trinity and Transformation book that contains this particular chapter.

On the Trinity and Transformation book page, look under Contains to see other chapters in the book.

Bibliography record, Contains field

Click on the 2016-JBT-1a link under "Contains" and see where it goes. This will be the starting point for the next page of this tutorial.

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Tip: Look for these frequently-used links to appear near the top of pages about the bibliographies. A subset of these links appear in the top left side-bar of any individual bibliographic record. The book image to the right is the icon for bibliography pages (click it for a source credit).