Tutorial 5: Sources

Sources bibliography: McGrath numbers and related publications

If you're picking up from where the previous tutorial left off, you are on a bibliographic record in the Sources bibliography, #2016-JBT-1a (click its ID # to resume the tutorial at this point).

1. Sources Record.  

You are viewing a Sources record for an essay by James B. Torrance. 

The Sources and Studies bibliographies are inter-related, so you can move back and forth between them at will.

  • Survey the left side-bar: 
    • Do you see the McGrath#? There's a FAQ page that explains McGrath #'s, but best save that for later (you'll find it under the Bibliography tab).
    • Check the Genre Type field; is this a reprint?

Survey the right side-bar:

Sources record, right side-bar

Click the Original Publication in the right sidebar.

Journal link on a bibliography page2. Journal field.

On the page for the original publication, you can see that it appeared in Theological Renewal in 1978.

Suppose you want more information about this journal. Find the Journal field and click on "Theological Renewal" (the journal title).

3. Journal Taxonomy page.

On the resulting journal taxonomy page, you will see a list of all items in the bibliographies that were published in this journal.

Some basic information about the journal appears at the top of the taxonomy page, before the listed items. How many issues of Theological Renewal were published per year?

Journal taxonomy page, top

  • Development note:  Adding information about journals in the journal taxonomies will be a priority for us in the future. 

Sources record, share buttons4. Publication Life Cycle field and Related Sources

Return to the 1978 article by finding it in the list, or use the back button in your browser.

  • Want to tweet a quote from this publication? Why not include a link to this page via the Share buttons in the top right?
  • Look in the main content area for the Publication Life Cycle/Notes field. What kind of information is contained in this field?

Sources record, Publication Life Cycle

  • Sources record, Related sourcesThere's a general bibliography FAQ page that explains the purpose of various fields, but best save that for later (you'll find it under the Bibliography tab).
  • Examine the right side-bar for Related Sources.
    • Items listed under Original Publication, Related Sources, or Related Studies, are iterative versions of publications that overlap in content.
    • Click on "2016-JBT-1a" in Related Sources to return to the James Torrance chapter page already visited above.

Sources record, Contained by5. Contained By

Let's practice "Contained by" and "Contains" to move between chapters in a book. Starting from one chapter, we will go up to the book record, and then from there down to a different chapter:

  • From the "2016-JBT-1a" James Torrance chapter page, return to the Trinity and Transformation book record by clicking #2016-JBT-1 under "Contained By."

6. Book Review

Sources record, Book ReviewWe are now on the page for the book that contains the previous chapter.

  • Scroll down to near the bottom of the middle Main Content area. Do you see a notice there of a review of this book? If so, click the link to see the book review by Chris Kettler.
  • Then use the "Related Studies" link, or the back button in your web browser, to return to this book page for Trinity and Transformation.

7. Contains

  • On the Trinity and Transformation book page, click "2016-GWD-1" under "Contains" to return to the Trinity and Transformation chapter page previously seen, that is, the chapter by Gary Deddo.

Sources record, Contains

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