Karl Barth: 1886-1968


Thomas F. Torrance, "Karl Barth: 1886-1968," in Karl Barth: Biblical and Evangelical Theologian (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1990), 1-26; #1990-517b


Torrance, Thomas F. "Karl Barth: 1886-1968." In Karl Barth: Biblical and Evangelical Theologian, 1-26. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1990; #1990-517b

Publication life cycle / General notes

Ch. 1. Page xi: "The first chapter has been compiled from contributions I had been asked to write in honour or commemoration of Karl Barth printed in several places: "Why Karl Barth Matters So Much," in Life and Work, Edinburgh, June, 1986 [#1986-476], and TSF Bulletin, Madison, WI, 1986, Vol. 18.1 [#1986-469]; "Karl Barth: An Appreciation and Tribute", The Expository Times, Edinburgh, June, 1956 [#1956-100], or "Karl Barth" in Union Seminary Quarterly Review, New York, November, 1956 [#1956-101], and Crossroads, New York, June-September, 1956; "Karl Barth: Swiss Protestant Theologian" [#?], The Times, London, Dec. 11, 1968 [#1968-259], and "Karl Barth", Scottish Journal of Theology, Edinburgh, Vol. 22.1, March, 1969 [#1969-270]; "Karl Barth", Twelve [sic] Makers of Modern Protestant Thought, edit. by G. L. Hunt, Association Press, New York, 1958 [#1958-134, cf. #1971-294]."

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