Shi kong yu dao cheng ru shen


Thomas F. Torrance, Shi kong yu dao cheng ru shen (Space, Time and Incarnation), trans. Qunying Chen (Xianggang: Jidu jiao wen yi chu ban she, 2008); #2008-TFT-2


Torrance, Thomas F. Shi Kong Yu Dao Cheng Ru Shen (Space, Time and Incarnation). Translated by Qunying Chen. Er shi shi ji shen xue cong shu, 2. Xianggang: Jidu jiao wen yi chu ban she, 2008; #2008-TFT-2


When the Nicene Creed affirms that the eternal Son of God "for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven," it asserts that God himself is actively present within the space and time of our world. The philosophical problems that this involves are bound up with Christian theology, and form the subject of this short book. Professor Torrance starts with a critique of modern Protestant thinking, and proceeds to examine the place of spatial and temporal ingredients in basic theological concepts, and thus to offer a positive account of the relation of the incarnation to space and time....