A Radical New Humanism


Stanley S. MacLean, "A Radical New Humanism: Thomas Torrance’s Mission of the Church," Participatio 6, "T. F. Torrance and Ecclesiology" (2016): 178-194


MacLean, Stanley S. "A Radical New Humanism: Thomas Torrance’s Mission of the Church." Participatio 6, "T. F. Torrance and Ecclesiology" (2016): 178-194


This essay is an investigation into the formation and shape of Thomas Torrance’s doctrine of the mission of the Church. While situating his doctrine within its historical context, the essay demonstrates that Torrance’s doctrine is determined by his high Christology and his concept of the Church as the Body of Christ that participates in the risen and ascended Christ’s teleological movement towards pleroma (fullness). This unique movement is the universalization of the new humanity of Christ. The essay also shows that Torrance’s doctrine is grounded in a Trinitarian concept of the missio Dei that safeguards the central role of Christ and his Church in mission. It concludes by addressing concerns about the doctrine and by underlining the value of it for the Church today.

T. F. Torrance and Ecclesiology