What Kind of Ministry?


David W. Torrance, “What Kind of Ministry?” in Ministers for the 1980s, ed. Jock Stein (Edinburgh: The Handsel Press, 1979), 6-21; #DWT-1979-2.


Torrance, David W. “What Kind of Ministry?” In Ministers for the 1980s, ed. Jock Stein, 6-21. Edinburgh: The Handsel Press, 1979; #DWT-1979-2.

Publication life cycle / General notes

Stein, introduction, p. 2: “A basic responsibility of God’s people in each generation is to formulate a theology of training for ministry, asking the question afresh, ‘What kind of ministry?’ This David Torrance, parish minister of Earlston, attempts in chapter 1. Another reason for seeking fresh light on the subject of training is the growing unrest about what is happening in our Theological Colleges, reflected in articles, editorials and correspondence in Life and Work over the past year… This book is therefore primarily addressed to the Church of Scotland.”


Introduction, Jock Stein, 1.
What kind of ministry, David W. Torrance, 6.
The call to the ministry, James Philip, 22.
Theological training and parish work, John R. Gray, 32.
Training the whole church for ministry, David F. Wright, 42.
Catholic faith, ecumenism and theological education, George Yule, 54.
Theological education in world perspective, Lesslie Newbigin, 63.
Athens and Jerusalem, Herbert A. Kerrigan, 76.
Freedom and order in theological education, Colin Sinclair, 84.
The case for a church college, George T.H. Reid, 94.
Appendix: Financing a church college, Robert A. Jones, 103.
What now? Jock Stein, 105-119.

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