H. R. Mackintosh, Person of Jesus Christ


H. R. Mackintosh, The Person of Jesus Christ, ed. Thomas F. Torrance (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2000); #2000-TFT-7


Mackintosh, H. R. The Person of Jesus Christ. Edited by Thomas F. Torrance. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2000; #2000-TFT-7

Publication life cycle / General notes
  • Foreword, by T. F. Torrance, pp. vii-ix (#2000-TFT-7a).
  • H. R. Mackintosh, The Person of Jesus Christ, pp. 1-68. Originally published London: Student Christian Movement, 1912.
  • Torrance's "Appreciation" essay, pp. 69-94 (#2000-TFT-7b); originally published 1987 (#1987-485), with full text available online.

Foreword; T. F. Torrance, pp. vii-ix (#2000-TFT-7a)

The Person of Jesus Christ; H. R. Mackintosh, pp. 1-68.

Appreciation: Hugh Ross Mackintosh, Theologian of the Cross; T. F. Torrance, pp. 69-94 (#2000-TFT-7b)

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  • PTS copy.
  • OU copy donated by Robert T. Walker.