Phase II: Transcription

  • "Project editors" refers to the editors of the Torrance Oral History Project.
  • "History editor" refers to the editor of a particular oral history, including the documentation, tags, and term lists.
  • "Transcriber" refers to a volunteer who prepares an initial rough and ready transcription. Perhaps this is the same person as the history editor, but we welcome volunteers who might wish to help us as initial transcribers! 

This project manual, including the Style Guide, is provided to guide the editorial process. Each oral history project has its own history editor. In phase II, the editor of the oral history, perhaps assisted by a volunteer transcriber, will create a rough transcription. In phase III, the editor of the oral history will work collaboratively with the general project editors to proof, add documentation, establish a term list, and complete a review process. 

Phase II consists of the creation of a rough transcription. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways: (1) with the assistance of automated transcribing software, or (2) by a human volunteer, or (3) by an experienced transcriber using a control pedal and transcription software. The latter is appropriate in those cases where excerpts might be published elsewhere, or whenever any participant wishes to invest the time to do so. A Style Guide is provided for this purpose.