Phase Id: After the Interview

Immediately after an interview is concluded, the interviewer will ensure that the documentation is complete. This documentation includes the requisite forms, cv's, photographs, and other auxiliary documents shared by the narrator during the interview.

To guard against data loss in the event of a computer crash or corruption, the audio/video recordings and associated documentation should be backed up on the day of the interview, if possible, to both removable media (such as a compact portable drive) and, if possible, to a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox or iCloud (in the case of video, to the Fellowship's Vimeo account, with a private restricted access setting that allows for the original file to be downloadable).

The general editors shall, as soon as may be feasible, create a basic oral history page for the interview on the Fellowship website, and set its access permissions to be restricted to only the editorial team for the project. When the materials (recordings, forms, documentation, etc.) on the cloud storage become available, the general editors will upload them to the oral history page, which will become the center of collaborative editorial activity for Phase II and Phase III.

Download zip files containing forms and worksheets: