The Hypostatic Union


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Hypostatic Union," unpublished course handout (Edinburgh:  New College, no date); #U-TFT-1


Torrance, Thomas F.  "The Hypostatic Union."  Unpublished course handout (Edinburgh:  New College, no date); #U-TFT-1

Publication life cycle / General notes

36 pages, typescript.  Annotated (perhaps by Christopher Kaiser).  Lecture notes for Torrance's Dogmatics class at the University of Edinburgh, covering the Incarnation and Atonement and the Person and Work of Christ.  These notes are devoted to the hypostatic union. This material corresponds to chapter 6, "The Hypostatic Union," published in Torrance, The Incarnation, ed. Robert T. Walker (InterVarsity Press, 2008; #2008-TFT-1f). Contributed by Christopher Kaiser.