Where Science and Faith Meet


Donald M. MacKay, James B. Torrance, et al., Where Science and Faith Meet (London: Inter-Varsity Fellowship, 1953); #1953-JBT-1


MacKay, Donald M., James B. Torrance, Malcolm A. Jeeves, Robert L. F. Boyd, and Oliver R. Barclay. Where Science and Faith Meet. London: Inter-Varsity Fellowship, 1953; #1953-JBT-1

Publication life cycle / General notes

JBT's chapter: #1953-JBT-1b.

"These broadcast addresses were originally given in the Overseas Service of the B.B.C. in January and February, 1953. The contributors are all members of the Research Scientists' Christian Fellowship and wish to express their indebtedness to other members of that Fellowship who joined with them in discussion of these topics and criticisms of their scripts.
If these talks had been prepared originally for print some things would have been differently expressed; but it was thought best to leave them almost entirely as they were actually given."

Revision status

The first edition is 1953. It was reprinted in 1955, 1957, 1959, and 1963. We do not know if the 1963 reprint is a new edition or just a reprint of the 1953 1st edition.

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