The Last of the Hallel Psalms


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Last of the Hallel Psalms," The Evangelical Quarterly 28 (1956): 101-108; #1955-TFT-1b


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Last of the Hallel Psalms." The Evangelical Quarterly 28, no. 2 (1956): 101-108; #1955-TFT-1b

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Psalm 118. Editor's note: "Mr. Torrance's devotional expositions have been a welcome occasional feature in our pages for many years. In January, 1955, he contributed a study entitled "The First of the Hallel Psalms (Ps. 113) [#1955-TFT-1a]; we are now glad to have from his pen a companion study on the last psalm in the Hallel group - Ps. 118."

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