A Comment on the New Morality


Thomas F. Torrance, "A Comment on the New Morality," Light and Salt, new vol. 2, no. 1 (1964): 17-20; #1964-212


Torrance, Thomas F. "A Comment on the New Morality." Light and Salt, new vol. 2, no. 1 (1964): 17-20; #1964-212

Publication life cycle / General notes

Special number on the debate over John A. T. Robinson's book, "Honest to God." Contributors include: James Ma;  Franklin Sherman;  J. W. C. Wand;  F. A. Cockin;  Thomas F. Torrance;  Christopher Stead;  John A. T. Robinson;  Po Chü-i. Cover: "Spring issue 1964." 35 pages.

Revision status

BG, IT, and AM have an incorrect journal, volume and year: "Common Factor 2 (1964)." The title and page numbers are correct, but the publication appeared in a different journal, volume and year. This error likely arose in TFT's bibliography, as a common source, by a transposition from the next item, "John Calvin's Values for Today."

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