Moderator Calls for Scottish Renaissance


Thomas F. Torrance, "Moderator Calls for Scottish Renaissance," The Scotsman, January 7 (1977): 11


Torrance, Thomas F. "Moderator Calls for Scottish Renaissance." The Scotsman, January 7 (1977): 11

Publication life cycle / General notes

"This is an extract from the speech given to Edinburgh Rotary Club yesterday by the Rt. Rev. Professor Thomas Torrance, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland."

Cf. Neal Ascherson, "Moderator backs federal system," in the same issue, which refers to the "Speech in detail" on p. 11.


First paragraph: "For my own part, I would prefer a form of devolution involving a federal structure for the United Kingdom, and indeed for the British Isles. Rational analysis and non-partisan judgment drive me in this direction. Certainly federation has proved eminently successful in several of the most mature and durable democracies, such as Switzerland." 

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