The Place of Jesus Christ in Worship


James B. Torrance, "The Place of Jesus Christ in Worship," in Theological Foundations for Ministry: Selected Readings for a Theology of the Church in Ministry, ed. Ray S. Anderson (Edinburgh: T&T Clark; Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Erdmans, 1979), 348-369; #1979-JBT-1


Torrance, James B. "The Place of Jesus Christ in Worship." In Theological Foundations for Ministry: Selected Readings for a Theology of the Church in Ministry, 348-369. Edited by Ray S. Anderson. Edinburgh: T&T Clark; Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Erdmans, 1979; #1979-JBT-1

Publication life cycle / General notes

Reprinted from Church Service Society Annual, #1970-JBT-1. Related to Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace#1996-JBT-7.


Abstract of the book: This is a collection of essential passages on the ministry of the church. By selecting significant sources which share a common assumption concerning the nature of theology and its methodology, the editor presents a single consistent theology of ministry. The book is carefully organised to allow a thorough exploration of the different aspects of ministry. Contributors include Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Hans Küng, Helmut Thielicke and Thomas F. Torrance.


A theology for ministry / Ray S. Anderson
The place of theology / Karl Barth
The evangelical faith / Helmut Thielicke
The Word of God and the response of man / Thomas F. Torrance
The Lord who is the servant / Karl Barth
The foundation of the church / Thomas F. Torrance
Christological understanding / W.A. Whitehouse
The man who is for God / Ray S. Anderson
The growth of the community / Karl Barth
Living in the Spirit / Ray S. Anderson
The event of divine worship / Karl Barth
The place of Jesus Christ in worship / James B. Torrance
Come, creator Spirit, for the renewal of worship and witness; The ministry / Thomas F. Torrance
Christ's ministry through His whole church / Encounter -- The continuing charismatic structure / Hans Küng
The community for the world / Karl Barth
Christ, the church, and the world / Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Living in the world / Ray S. Anderson
Liberation: mission and charism / Ignacio Ellacuría
Outline of the task of proclamation / Helmut Thielicke
The proclamation of Jesus Christ / Karl Barth
Preaching as the narrating of the acts of God / Kornelis H. Miskotte
The need and promise of Christian preaching ; The law of service / Karl Barth
Service in Jesus Christ / Thomas F. Torrance
The church as a therapeutic community / Karn Griffen
The church in the new era of scientific and cosmological change / Thomas F. Torrance

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