The Trinitarian Faith


Thomas F. Torrance, The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1991)


Torrance, Thomas F. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1991

Publication life cycle / General notes

Photoset reprint: 1991.  The 1991 T&T Clark reprint (#1991-TFT-1) lacks the color plates, but is otherwise a photographic reproduction of the 1988 edition.  It does not mention the 1988 edition on the title page verso, but rather indicates that the copyright and first printing is 1991. This is erroneous, as it is also indicated that the type has been "photoset," although perhaps it is intended to be in recognition of the lack of the plates.

A 1997 T&T Clark reprint of the 1991 edition designates the 1991 edition as the first edition, and identifies itself as a "second edition" (#1997-TFT-4). Perhaps the designation of a new edition was entailed by a relationship between T&T Clark and Continuum Books, for the title page verso lists a continuumbooks website. The verso title page also states: "First edition copyright © T&T Clark Ltd. 1991. Second edition copyright © T&T Clark Ltd. 1997."

See original edition for full information, #1988-489.

This 1991 edition, attested by the 1997 edition, is not in WorldCat (OCLC), nor the British Library, nor does it appear in a search of the Library of the University of Edinburgh.  We're wondering if it actually exists. If you have a copy of this 1991 edition, please let us know! 


Foreword, p. 1 (#1988-489a).
1: Faith and Godliness, p. 13 (#1988-489b).
2: Access to the Father, p. 47 (#1988-489c). Audio: #1981-TFT-4a.
3: The Almighty Creator, p. 76 (#1988-489d). Audio: #1981-TFT-4b.
4: God of God, Light of Light, p. 110 (#1988-489e). Audio: #1981-TFT-4c.
5: The Incarnate Saviour, p. 146 (#1988-489f). Audio: #1981-TFT-4d.
6: The Eternal Spirit, p. 191 (#1988-489g). Audio: #1981-TFT-4e.
7: The One Church, p. 252 (#1988-489h). Audio: #1981-TFT-4f.
8: The Triunity of God, p. 302 (#1988-489i).
Index, p. 341.

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