The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity according to St Athanasius


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity according to St Athanasius," in Trinitarian Perspectives: Toward Doctrinal Agreement (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1994), 7-20; #1994-573b


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity According to St Athanasius." In Trinitarian Perspectives: Toward Doctrinal Agreement, 7-20. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1994; #1994-573b

Publication life cycle / General notes

Revised from #1989-510 and ch. 8 of The Trinitarian Faith (#1988-489i).

Footnote #1: "That chapter [#1988-489i] and this article are drawn from a contribution of mine composed for Conversations between Orthodox and Reformed theologians on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. See Theological Dialogue between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, Edinburgh, 1993, ch. 1." [#1993-TFT-2c)