The Ministry of Women


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Ministry of Women," in The Call to Serve: Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Ministry in Honour of Bishop Penny Jamieson, ed. Douglas A. Campbell (Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press, 1996), 269-284; #1996-604


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Ministry of Women." In The Call to Serve: Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Ministry in Honour of Bishop Penny Jamieson, 269-284. Edited by Douglas A. Campbell. Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press, 1996; #1996-604

Publication life cycle / General notes

Originally a Handsel Press booklet (1992); then reprinted in Touchstone (Fall 1992), 5-12; The Call to Serve (1996); and in Gospel, Church, and Ministry (2012). (Use Related Sources links at right.)

  • Introduction : The call to serve Dunedin : an account of the appointment of Bishop Penny Jamieson / Douglas Campbell 
  • pt. 1. Biblical perspectives on ministry.
    • The prophetic example : referentiality or textuality? / Maurice E. Andrew 
    • A reformational slogan on ministry and Paul's gospel of grace / Douglas A. Campbell
    • The greatest of these is love (1 Corinthians 14.34-35) / L. Ann Jervis
    • 'For me to live is Christ' : Pauline spirituality as a basis for ministry / Christopher D. Marshall
    • Ministry and church leadership in the Gospel of John / Ruth B. Edwards
    • Ministry in Matthean Christianity / Graham N. Stanton
  • pt. 2. Historical and theological perspectives on ministry.
    • Empowering ministry : the praxis of Pentecost / Ray S. Anderson
    • Bishops and deacons : renewing the offices / Ian Breward 
    • The living Spirit : Quaker concepts of universal ministry / Elizabeth Duke
    • In Spirit and in truth'--room for the other : some remarks on the ordination of women from an ecumenical perspective / Irmgard Kindt-Siegwalt
    • Ecumenism and the ordination of women : Roman Catholic feminist reflections / Rosemary Radford Ruether
    • The ekklesia of women : re-visioning the past in creating a democratic future / Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
    • Toward inclusive ministry : the logical impossibility of religious and theological inclusivism, pluralism and relativism / Alan J. Torrance
    • The ministry of women / Thomas F. Torrance.
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