The Cosmic Dance


Giuseppe Del Re, The Cosmic Dance: Science Discovers the Mysterious Harmony of the Universe (The Templeton Press, 1999)


Del Re, Giuseppe. The Cosmic Dance: Science Discovers the Mysterious Harmony of the Universe. The Templeton Press, 1999

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Contains a foreword by Thomas F. Torrance; #1999-TFT-8.

In The Cosmic Dance, Giuseppe Del Re states that he met Thomas F. Torrance through activities in the International Academy for the Philosophy of Science. Of Torrance, Del Re writes: "I found him not only a friend, but a thinker whose understanding of the implications of recent science for a world-view worthy of man I could share completely" (p. xv). Del Re and his wife Maria Teresa Benedetti translated and edited an Italian anthology of Torrance's essays (#1992-544), and Torrance contributed the foreword to The Cosmic Dance (#1999-GDR-1).


This book focuses on a new worldview, emerging from the science of the last decades of the second millennium. Its metaphor is the cosmic dance, or the harmony existing between systems that are so strongly interdependent that they behave as a single entity. This dance image hints at a general, evolving pattern in which all objects in the universe participate—like the ordered chaos of an African open-air market. Some of the chapters discuss the nature of processes in the universe, including chaos and chance in the game of life. The reconciliation of variety and unity are addressed in reference to the space-time continuum and the unified field of relativity theory. Del Re continues the investigation into an exploration of the origins of freedom and ethics, suggesting that science indicates that the human species may have a specific task in the universe: building a bridge between matter and spirit. Del Re ponders alchemy, the significance of symbols, and the meaning of the soul. Woven throughout a variety of esoteric and scientific inquiries is the underlying sense of the unifying principles of science and a spiritual outlook. The questions raised are issues that will be discussed by an emerging network of scientists and spiritual seekers, and this book will add a valued and informed perspective to these conversations.
•Explains a new worldview connecting science and spirituality
•Presents a cosmological metaphor for the new science

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  • Oklahoma History of Science Collections copy donated by Kerry Magruder.