New Foreword to the 2002 Edition


Thomas F. Torrance, "New Foreword to the 2002 Edition," in Reality and Scientific Theology (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2001), vii-viii; #2001-TFT-3a


Torrance, Thomas F. "New Foreword to the 2002 Edition." In Reality and Scientific Theology, vii-viii. The Torrance Collection; Theology and Science at the Frontiers of Knowledge. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2001; #2001-TFT-3a

Publication life cycle / General notes

British National Library: 070-73042\Reprinted in 2002 with same ISBN and pagination except for the new foreword in the front matter: "Foreword to the 2002 (sic) Edition" (dated Advent 2000). New Foreword: "This book... is a sequel to that" (i.e., Reality and Evangelical Theology).