Shang di yu li xing


Thomas F. Torrance, Shang di yu li xing (God and Rationality), trans. Wenming Tang and Botao Wu (Beijing: Zhong yang bian yi chu ban she, 2004); #2004-TFT-3


Torrance, Thomas F. Shang Di Yu Li Xing (God and Rationality). Translated by Wenming Tang and Botao Wu. Qing hua zhe xue fan yi xi lie. Bei mei zong jiao wen hua zhuan ji, 4. Beijing: Zhong yang bian yi chu ban she, 2004; #2004-TFT-3

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Many readers may find it helpful to begin with the second and third chapters or with the last chapter, and then to return to the introductory chapter before proceeding to the rest of the book, although the philosophical and scientific theologian will doubtless prefer to begin with 'Theological Rationality'. Since this book is designed to accompany Theological Science and Space, Time and Incarnation, may I direct readers to those books for the treatment of some questions which they may miss here? Preface, ix. (One volume of a trilogy on epistemology.)

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