Embracing Truth: Homosexuality and the Word of God

David W. Torrance and Jock Stein, eds., Embracing Truth: Homosexuality and the Word of God (Kincardine: Handsel Press, 2012); #2012-DWT-1
Torrance, David W., and Jock Stein, eds. Embracing Truth: Homosexuality and the Word of God. Kincardine: Handsel Press, 2012; #2012-DWT-1
Introduction / David W. Torrance -- Clearing the ground -- Confusion and clarity / Andrew Goddard -- Same sex science / Stanton L. Jones -- Facts and figures / David Randall -- Christian belief -- The authority of scripture : is the Bible the word of God or does it only contain the word of God? / David W. Torrance -- The biblical affirmation of sex / Tom Smail -- The church's traditional view / Angus Morrison -- Understanding marriage / David J. Torrance -- Same sex relations : some theological pointers / David J. Torrance -- The Bible and homosexual practice -- The Bible and homosexual practice : summary and review of Gagnon's book / Paul Burgess -- Accommodation and pastoral concern : what does the biblical text say? / Robert Gagnon -- How seriously does scripture treat the issue of homosexual practice? / Robert Gagnon -- Wisdom and obedience -- The celibate path : a Christian's journey with homosexuality / Calum MacKellar -- Matters of the heart : James E. Loder on homosexuality and the possibility of transformation / Mark S. Koonz -- A pastoral letter in defence of marriage / Philip Tartaglia -- Compassion and community / Jock Stein -- Epilogue : drawing a line in shifting sands / Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh.