Legal and Evangelical Priests


Thomas F. Torrance, "Legal and Evangelical Priests," in Gospel, Church, and Ministry, ed. Jock Stein (Eugene, Oregon:  Pickwick Publications, 2012), 257-269; #2012-TFT-1m


Torrance, Thomas F. "Legal and Evangelical Priests." In Gospel, Church, and Ministry, 257-269. Edited by Jock Stein. Thomas F. Torrance Collected Studies, 1. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2012; #2012-TFT-1m

Publication life cycle / General notes

Note:  "Published in Calvin's Books:  Festschrift for Peter de Klerk, edited by W. H. Neuser, H. J. Selderhuis, and W. Van't Spilker (Heerenveen:  Uitgeverij J. J. Groen en Zoon, 1997), 63-74." 

Editor's Introduction:  "This chapter was ... one of the last things that TF wrote for publication."

Included in the Logos Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance collection, cf. #2012-TFT-1-Logos.

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