Communion with the Triune God


Dick O. Eugenio, Communion with the Triune God: The Trinitarian Soteriology of T. F. Torrance, Princeton Theological Monograph Series (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2014)


Eugenio, Dick O. Communion with the Triune God: The Trinitarian Soteriology of T. F. Torrance. Princeton Theological Monograph Series. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2014

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A Torrance Studies Roundtable was held on Friday, September 24, 2021, as part of a Virtual Torrance Firbush Retreat. The session was convened by Tom Noble. Panelists included Dick Eugenio in the Philippines, Hakbong Kim in South Korea, and Stavan John in India. The 2021 Virtual Firbush Retreat home page, with session videos, is


The revival of Trinitarian studies in the twentieth century ushered in a new era of theological innovation. The renewed and dedicated articulation of the Trinity as a doctrine in its own right is indeed noteworthy, but more important and praiseworthy are the recent endeavors of theologians in integrating the doctrine of the Trinity with other Christian doctrines and with the many variegated aspects of the life and ministries of the church. Today, it is common to encounter the term "Trinitarian" being used as a modifier: Trinitarian worship, Trinitarian ecclesiology, etc. This book presents Thomas F. Torrance as a participant theologian in this integrative paradigm. Because Torrance argues that the Trinity is "the ground and grammar of theology" his doctrine of salvation is consistently Trinitarian. But how did he formulate his unique Trinitarian soteriology? This book attempts to spell this out.

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