Raising Adam


Gerrit Scott Dawson, Raising Adam: Why Jesus Descended Into Hell (Oil Lamp Books, 2018)


Dawson, Gerrit Scott. Raising Adam: Why Jesus Descended Into Hell. Oil Lamp Books, 2018


What does it mean to affirm that Jesus "descended into hell?" What actually happened to Jesus between Good Friday and Easter? Was this "descent" part of his suffering or part of his triumph? And why does it matter today?With a theologian's research, a pastor's heart and a poet's sensibility, Gerrit Dawson explores the answers given through the centuries to these questions. By using a narrative approach, Dawson achieves a unique synthesis of previously competing views. He shows that the ancient idea of the harrowing of hell, the Reformed view of "hell on the cross" and the 20th century recognition of the darkness of Holy Saturday can all work together. Far from being a discardable doctrine, the descent offers a unique window on the person and work of Christ, one we urgently need to open for the worship and mission of the Church today.