Thomas F. Torrance and Theological Anthropology


Hakbong Kim, "Thomas F. Torrance and Theological Anthropology," Participatio 9, "Theological Anthropology" (2021): 31-49


Kim, Hakbong. "Thomas F. Torrance and Theological Anthropology." Participatio 9, "Theological Anthropology" (2021): 31-49


In the theology of Thomas F. Torrance, theological anthropology has been regarded as a minor theme. However, it is in fact significantly and consistently addressed in his various theological works. In this context, this essay explores Torrance’s theological anthropology and its key characteristics. I begin by looking at Torrance’s historical understanding of human beings. I then turn to his theological understanding of human beings, that is, the concept of the relational imago Dei. Finally, I consider his onto-relational understanding of human beings in the scientific and philosophical epistemologies that he utilizes. Through this investigation, the essay reveals and argues that Torrance’s anthropology is a theological anthropology with a relation-centered, christocentric, and trinitarian content.

Theological Anthropology
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