Wohin führt Lund?


Thomas F. Torrance, "Wohin führt Lund?" Evangelische Theologie 12 (1953): 499-508; #1952-065


Torrance, Thomas F. "Wohin Führt Lund?" Evangelische Theologie 12, no. 11 (1953): 499-508; #1952-065

Publication life cycle / General notes

In many copies of Evangelische Theologie, the first issues of 1953 are often bound with the last issues of 1952.

See English version in SJT, #1953-064, "Where do we go from Lund?" Reprinted in Conflict and Disagreement in the Church, I, Order and Disorder, #1959-139h.

Revision status

Article ends on p. 509, not 508 (BG, IT, AM).

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