Introduction and Historical Notes


Thomas F. Torrance, "Introduction and Historical Notes," in Tracts and Treatises on the Reformation of the Church by John Calvin, trans. Henry Beveridge (Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd; Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1958), 3 vols., pp. v-xli and throughout; #1958-122


Torrance, Thomas F. "Introduction and Historical Notes." In Tracts and Treatises on the Reformation of the Church by John Calvin. Translated by Henry Beveridge. 3 vols. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd; Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1958, pp. v-xli and throughout; #1958-122

Publication life cycle / General notes

Full title on title page of vol. 1: Tracts and Treatises on the Reformation of the Church by John Calvin; With a short life of Calvin by Theodore Beza; Translated from the original Latin by Henry Beveridge; Historical Notes and Introduction added to the present edition by Thomas F. Torrance.

The Introduction appears in vol. 1, pp. v-xli.  

"Historical Notes" consist of a paragraph that appears on the sub-title page of each translated document, describing the context or background of the tract or treatise.


Volume 1.

Introduction, Thomas F. Torrance, pp. v-xli.  
Translator's Preface, Henry Beveridge, pp. xliii-lii.

Life of John Calvin, Theodore Beza, p. lv.
Letter by Cardinal Sadolet to the Senate and People of Geneva, p. 1.
Reply to Cardinal Sadolet's Letter, p. 3.
Articles Agreed Upon by the Faculty of Sacred Theology of Paris, with the Antidote, p. 69.
The Necessity of Reforming the Church, p. 121.
Letter of Pope Paul III to the Emperor Charles V, p. 235.
Remarks on the Letter of Pope Paul III, p. 255.
An Admonition Concerning Relics, p. 287.

Index, p. 343.

Volume 2.

Translator's Preface, Henry Beveridge, pp. vii-xxxi.

Catechism of the Church of Geneva, p. 33.
Several Godly Prayers, p. 94a.
Forms of Prayer for the Church, p. 99b.
Form of Administering the Sacraments, p. 113.
Form and Manner of Celebrating Marriage, p. 123.
Visitation of the Sick, p. 127.
Brief Form of a Confession of Faith, p. 129.
Confession of Faith in Name of Reformed Churches of France, p. 137.
Short Treatise on the Supper of Our Lord, p. 163.
Mutual Consent in Regard to the Sacraments, p. 199.
Second Defence of the Faith Concerning the Sacraments, p. 245.
Last Admonition to Joachim Westphal, p. 345b.
The True Partaking of the Flesh and Blood of Christ, p. 495.
The Best Method of Obtaining Concord, p. 572a.

General Index, p. 581.

Volume 3.

Translator's Preface, Henry Beveridge, p. vii-xvi.

Acts of the Council of Trent, with the Antidote, p. 17.
The Adultero-German Interim Declaration of Religion, with Calvin's Refutation (The True Method of Giving Peace to Christendom and of Reforming the Church), p. 189.
Appendix to The True Method of Reforming the Church, p. 344.
On Shunning the Unlawful Rites of the Ungodly, and Preserving the Purity of the Christian Religion, p. 359.
Pyschopannychia; Or, A Refutation of the Error that the Soul Sleeps in the Interval Between Death and the Judgment, p. 413.

General Index, p. 491.
Index of Texts, p. 518.