Creation, Christ, and Culture


Richard W. A. McKinney, ed., Creation, Christ, and Culture: Studies in Honour of T. F. Torrance (Edinburgh: Clark, 1976); #1976-RWAM-1


McKinney, Richard W. A, editor. Creation, Christ, and Culture: Studies in Honour of T. F. Torrance. Edinburgh: Clark, 1976; #1976-RWAM-1


Clements, R.E. Covenant and Canon in the Old Testament.--
Black, M. The New Creation in I Enoch.--
Barbour, R.S. Creation, wisdom, and Christ.--
Heron, A. Logos, image, son.--
Ritschl, D. Some comments on the background and influence of Augustine's Lex Aeterna doctrine.--
Jenson, R.W. The body of God's presence.--
MacKinnon, D.M. The relation of the doctrines of the Incarnation and the Trinity.--
Galloway, A.D. Creation and covenant.--
Moltmann, J. Creation and redemption.--
O'Donoghue, N.D. Creation and participation.--
Jaki, S.L. Theological aspects of creative science.--
Langford, T.A. Authority, community, and church.--
Houston, J. Precepts and counsels.--
McDonagh, E. Morality and prayer.--
McIntyre, J. Theology and method.--
Jüngel, E. The truth of life.--
McKinney, R.W.A. Historical relativism, the appeal to experience and theological reconstruction.--
Sykes, S.W. Life after death.--
Thomas, J.H. The problem of defining a theology of culture with reference to the theology of Paul Tillich.--
Newbigin, L. All in one place or all of one sort?