Dogmatics and Axiomatics


Thomas F. Torrance, "Dogmatics and Axiomatics," Joseph McLelland graduate seminar, McGill University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada: 1978); #1978-TFT-3


Torrance, Thomas F. "Dogmatics and Axiomatics." Joseph McLelland Graduate Seminar, McGill University. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1978; #1978-TFT-3

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No. 2 of 3. Cassette recording #FRS 31-SR. Contributed by Stan MacLean. "They were recorded privately, by the late Prof Joseph McLelland (a student of Torrance) at McGill. They are not official lectures. Torrance was a guest lecturer in Prof McLelland's grad seminar(s) in 1978. Torrance gave an official lecture (the Cummings) at that time, but it is not included."

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