Divine Meaning


Thomas F. Torrance, Divine Meaning: Studies in Patristic Hermeneutics (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1995); #1995-588


Torrance, Thomas F. Divine Meaning: Studies in Patristic Hermeneutics. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1995; #1995-588

Publication life cycle / General notes

Previously published articles, originally undertaken and conceived as comprising the first of a 3-volume work on hermeneutics. Torrance's intent was to focus on "the history of hermeneutical thought in which particular attention was devoted to the epistemological issues involved" (Preface, p. 1). Torrance regards "The Hermeneutics of John Calvin" as the second volume.


Preface, 1. #1995-588a.
Introduction: Biblical Hermeneutics and General Hermeneutics, 5. #1995-588b.
1: The Complex Background of Biblical Interpretation, 15. #1995-588c.
2: Phusikos kai theologikos: St Paul and Athenagoras at Athens, 40. #1995-588d.
3: Kerygmatic Proclamation of the Gospel: Irenaeus, The Demonstration of Apostolic Preaching, 56. #1995-588e.
4: Dramatic Proclamation of the Gospel: Melito of Sardis, Homily on the Passion, 75. #1995-588f.
5: Early Patristic Interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, 93. #1995-588g.
6: The Hermeneutics of Clement of Alexandria, 130. #1995-588h.
7: Athanasius: A Study in the Foundations of Classical Theology, 179. #1995-588i.
8: The Hermeneutics of Athanasius, 229. #1995-588j.
9: The Greek Conception of Space in the Background of Early Christian Theology, 289. #1995-588k.
10: The Relation of the Incarnation to Space in Nicene Theology, 343. #1995-588m.
11: The Logic and Analogic of Biblical and Theological Statements in the Greek Fathers, 374. #1995-588n.
12: Transition to the West: The Interpretation of Biblical and Theological Statements according to Hilary of Poitiers, 392. #1995-588o.
Index, 429.

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