God and Rationality


Thomas F. Torrance, God and Rationality (London, New York: Oxford University Press, 2000); #2000-TFT-2


Torrance, Thomas F. God and Rationality. London, New York: Oxford University Press, 2000; #2000-TFT-2

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See original edition #1971-290 for full info.


Preface, vii-ix. I. INTRODUCTION. 1: Theological Rationality, 3. II. THEOLOGY OLD AND NEW. 2: The Eclipse of God, 29. 3: Cheap and Costly Grace, 56. III. THEOLOGY AND SCIENCE. 4: Theology in a Scientific World, 89. 5: Ecumenism and Science, 112. IV. WORD AND SPIRIT. 6: The Word of God and the Response of Man, 137. 7: The Epistemological Relevance of the Spirit, 165. V. POSTSCRIPT. 8: Theological Persuasion, 195. Index of Persons, 207. Index of Subjects, 209.

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