An Introduction to Torrance Theology


Gerrit Scott Dawson, ed., An Introduction to Torrance Theology: Discovering the Incarnate Saviour (London, New York: T&T Clark, 2007)


Dawson, Gerrit Scott, editor. An Introduction to Torrance Theology: Discovering the Incarnate Saviour. London, New York: T&T Clark, 2007


For more than six decades, the brothers Torrance--Thomas, James and David--€”have had a tremendous influence on the theological world. They and particularly TF Torrance, have a devoted following world-wide and particularly in the US. Their high view of the fully human, fully divine Jesus is built upon the foundation of the Patristic writers, and the great Reformers from Calvin to Barth. 

Working in both pastoral and academic settings, the Torrances have stressed the profound implications of Christology for the mission of their Church and the daily life of Christians. Today, a generation of their students around the world find themselves in positions of pastoral and theological leadership. The focus of this book is the person of Christ (christology), a subject central to the Torrance theological vision and one which has had great influence on the presbyterian church. The contributors explore the contemporary relevance of Torrance Christology in such areas as the nature of Christ, the atonement, the ministry of the Church, epistemology and inclusion in Christ. The result is a book that offers both a fresh introduction to the Torrance tradition even as it advances the Torrance thought along fresh avenues of theological exploration.