The Order of God


Aaron Yom, The Order of God: Renewing the Doctrine of God for Twenty-First-Century Christians (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2018)


Yom, Aaron. The Order of God: Renewing the Doctrine of God for Twenty-First-Century Christians. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2018


In this most up-to-date study, Aaron Yom provides a comprehensive analysis of the doctrine of God, particularly from a pneumatological perspective. He focuses on retrieving the order of God that has been consistently misunderstood and mistreated by modern scholars. The author carefully examines scholarly works of modern thinkers such as Karl Barth, Thomas Torrance, Karl Rahner, David Coffey, Jurgen Moltmann, Clark Pinnock, and Stanley Grenz, as well as ancient masters such as Augustine and Aquinas. With a critical analysis, he highlights the strengths and weaknesses of their work to lay a foundational platform for understanding God's order in the twenty-first-century theological context. Yom proposes a holistic approach that does not marginalize the logic of the Trinity that begins with God's order of ontology rather than God's order of economy, though the former is read from the latter. He maintains the intricate balance of the immanent Trinity and the economic Trinity with his newfound principle of identity and duality. Yom offers several new theological paradigms for those who are interested in the topic of systematic theology.